My Story in a nutshell

A serious sports injury turned a passionate National Level footballer into an accidental Chartered Accountant who eventually made it to the coveted world of equity investing. Gradually stepping up the ladder by auditing vouchers, cold calling senior management, and setting up meetings for seniors to today interacting with the founders of India Inc, and deciding which one to back, the journey has been excruciatingly challenging yet rewarding. This amazing ride has been made possible by investing countless hours in extensive reading from various avenues, excellent mentorship, constructive peer interactions, and attending 80+ interviews – some just for free coffee and others in search of the dream job.

The dream job came but the constant quest to do something new didn’t stop and hence since early 2017, I have been impaneled as a visiting faculty with The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India as probably one of the youngest where I get an opportunity to mentor budding Chartered Accountants. So, here I am starting this blog to share interesting hacks needed in the complex world of finance.

Anuj Qualifications


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