Weekend Linkfest – 23.2.18

Why New York City needs its own Cryptocurrency (Link)

The Ralph Wanger Approach: Growth at a Reasonable Price (Link)

How does Chinese tech stack up against American tech? (Link)

This is the future, says world’s first cyborg-Neil Harrison (Link)

Why 2018 may see a revival of Indian horror movies (Link)

Getting rich is about willpower (Link)

History of Punjab National Bank (PNB) (Link)

Lessons from the richest man in Babylon (Link)

Hotel Industry vs Airbnb (Link)

10 Brilliant Innovations by IITians (Link)

One thought on “Weekend Linkfest – 23.2.18

  1. Got inspired by ur way of teaching on the very first day sir.. Looking forward to learn more things.. Thank you sir..
    Madhav Balachandar
    Orientation 2018 batch Chennai


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