Financial Media will not tell you this….

  • Our advertisers pay us to provide “news” that enriches their bottom line at your expense
  • Our “experts” are no more accurate in their predictions than the flip of a coin
  • In fact, our experts’ “predictions” could be more accurately described as “random guesses.”
  • We don’t have a clue where the market is headed and neither does anyone else
  • When you trade, it’s likely with an institution on the other side.  We don’t like your chances
  • It makes no sense to buy individual stocks
  • Even if it did, we have no way to identify stocks likely to outperform in the future
  • Over-weighting your portfolio with gold is never smart, no matter how frightened you are
  • If bouncing in and out of the market made sense, professional managers would not have such a terrible track record
  • You’d be better off not watching or reading us

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