Jagriti Yatra – Yaroon Challo!

‘Empowerment’, ‘Change’, ‘Impact’….These are part of every politician’s vocabulary and have been overused to an extent where their true meaning has become immaterial. So it would be understandable why these words had lost importance in my life as I used to associate them with vote-seeking politicians.
Those 8,000 Kms, 12 States, 15 Role models and 450 super smart candidates inspired me to reconsider these few powerful words which I had discarded long back. The impact these role models have created has been an eye-opener for me. Coming from a Capitalistic mindset, I was never exposed to such situations and experiencing them all together was a jackpot of lessons for me.
After the Yatra I feel burdened as I have lot of homework to do. Let’s work together and make change happen!

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